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There is nothing more naturally in human interaction that talking about others. This is a source of drama in relationships, but also a source of shared joviality for many. As time has progressed, we have all looked at people removed from ourselves and projected what we feel towards them based on stories and hearsay. Simply put, gossip is fun whether it is about royal families or the newest teen heartthrobs. Celebrity gossip is a multibillion dollar business today that does not look to be stopping any time soon.

Celebrities are whatever we want them to be and they are the best fodder for wasting time at work. Knowing a lot about our entertainers is a new thing however since in the early and mid twentieth century personas were cultivated and maintained by studios who had resources that could stop damaging stories from going out in the general population.

We're only discovering some of the better details in some well known scandals of the past due to memoirs and old diaries. Marilyn Monroe continues to be iconic to this day, decades after her premature death, due to the fact that new stories continue to come to light. The past stars were shrouded in mystery.

There is mystery today, but with the vast celebrity milieu there is a lot that is transparent due to the presence of paparazzi. A lot of celebrities will call photographers ahead of time and have them meet them for impromptu photo shoots. How else can photographers find an actress with her daughter at the farmer's market?

Bemoaning a lack of privacy is typical of many actors and actresses, but to stay hidden is simple. Paparazzi have restaurants and boutiques that they are known to hang out and by not going to these locations, actors will not be photographed. This is not to say there are no surprise snapshots, but the majority is preplanned.

Reading up on good gossip doesn't mean reading everything you can get your hands on, you have to be a little better about knowing where to go. Some magazines and websites are simply nothing but fiction factories, but if the insert the phrase "inside sources, " many people will believe it.

There are also magazines that are in the pocket of celebrities who trade exclusive interviews in exchange for favorable coverage. Gossip is a buffet and you must know where to pick and choose your information.

Many website on the internet are rife with good information and this is because they are written by those who work behind the scenes. Getting an insider's view is the best way of getting good information. Not that is matters, for many, whether or not stories are true.

That's the point of gossip, it is fun! This is a way for people to create their own stories using well known players. It doesn't matter what the truth of someone's personality is - it only matters what we think of those people. This is how love triangles that have lasted past the point of being feasible continue to make the covers of magazines for almost a decade. When it comes to celebrity gossip it's good to take everything with a grain of salt and without an ounce of seriousness.
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Celebrity Gossip Exists For A Fun Escape

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This article was published on 2010/12/06